Whenever you play a Maria casino game online always have a target in your mind with regards to the profit you would like to make in your session.

This is good practise because with nothing to aim for you could end up playing for longer than you anticipated, which may result in you losing any profits previously made in the game.

When making this target, be realistic with the goals you set. You have to understand that you are unlikely to win every time you sit down to play. However, what you can do is also set a limit with regards to how much you are prepared to lose. Once you hit that, you can call it a day and come back on another occasion where you may have more luck on your side.

There is nothing more frustrating than having a winning consecutive run where you may have accumulated a tidy profit, only then to go on a losing sequence which not only results in you losing the profit but you finishing your session with a loss! You always look back and wish you would have walked away earlier.

Unfortunately we can’t see into the future so we never know for sure when to end the session. What is at the back of most people’s mind is the fact that the next sequence of events could be positive so they are afraid they could be missing out on something if they do sign out. Thinking like this may result in you losing everything, so you have to be careful not to fall into this mind-set.

Setting a limit is just as important as a goal for your profit. Once you reach the limit be disciplined and accept that you have had a bad day but next time you play things could be different.