Great Features of Slots at 32Red

It is virtually an impossible task trying to explain the features available in different types of slot machines. There are indeed numerous types of slots offered at online casinos in order to offer multiple choices to gamblers. There are multi payline slots, three or five reel slots. You can also find slot machines that have progressive or bonus games. Given the availability of varieties of slot machines with varying features, it is less tasking and more sensible to examine typical features of slot machines in general.

Generally speaking, slot machines have some characteristics that mark it from other types of casino games. You classify a game as a slot game if it has these characteristics. However, the way these characteristics appear or function in each slot machine may be somewhat different and this is what makes the difference among available slot machines at online casino like Below are these characteristics of slot machines.

Reels of Slot Machines

Normally, every slot machine comes with reels. However, what makes the difference in each slot machine is the number of reels that are available. Usually, there are three or five reels slot machines. The early slot machines also referred to as regular or classic machines come with three reels. However, owing to the improvement in gaming industry and in slot games in particular, there are 5 reel slots machines. These 5 reel slot machines are called multi payline slots.

32 red’s slots — Online Casinos have numerous types of slot machines

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Rows of Slot Machines

Another characteristic of slot machines that differentiates them from other types of casino games is their row. Just as the case with the reels, every slot machine comes with at least one row. It is the number of rows available in slots that makes the difference. Today, there are slot machines with more than one row.


Pay lines

Payline is another feature common to every type of slot machines. Classic slots normally come with one payline. But today, there are multiline slots. These are slot machines that have multiple paylines which makes it possible for players to have multiple combinations of the winning numbers. In the classic machine, only the center lines pays and players can wager one or many coins for a spin. However, your chances of winning do not increase if you increase your wager or bet.

However, today, you can find 32red’s slots with three, five, nine or twenty paylines. In this type of slot, you may not wager on all the paylines, but wagering on several paylines increases your chances of winning. However, if you do not wager on a payline and the winning combination appears on the reel that you do not wager on, you are not getting anything because you do not wager on that payline.


Wagering in slot games are made with money if you are not playing the free ones. However, the difference lies in the denomination accepted by each slot machine. There are slot machines that accept little coin like 5 cents but you will also find slot machines that accept big denomination. The number of coins that can be played at the same time is another difference that exists among slots. In classic slots for example, three coins are the maximum that you can play. But some slots accept 2 coins.

Slots have certain common characteristics as it is evident from the above. However, there are still differences among slot machines owing to the different ways these characteristics appear on the slots.