Becoming a slot machine pro with operators like Unibet bonus takes a fair amount of knowledge, a sizable bankroll and, more than anything, a keen sense of timing. Slot machines are powered by computers that have been designed to provide just enough play to entice players but not so much that it’s easy to win. Indeed, if you really strip back a slot machine to its bare essentials you’ll find that it’s not a matter of how many matching reels you can hit during a session, but how well you can figure out the machines cycles.

Every slot machine has a cycle that it will use to determine when and how much money you win. Making certain moves will influence how each cycle unfolds, which means you can begin to adjust what you do in order to push each cycle in your favour.

Aside from looking out for recognisable patterns of play and deciphering what moves are best for you to make at various points, you can also improve your chances of winning by selecting the right machine.

Professional slot machine players will monitor certain slot machines, carefully tracking how much money has been wagered versus how much has been paid out, to give them an idea of when it’s best to play them. Tracking the “hot machines” as it’s known, allows professional players to feed off the losses of recreational players to bolster their bankroll. Indeed, while advantage players aren’t a casino’s best friend, they are toleratedbecause of the amount recreational players lose.

To become a winning slot machine player you need to think of it as a battle of man versus machine. As a player you’re looking to uncover the win cycle which means timing is crucial. Having a general sense of how much has been wagered and how much has been returned in winnings, will give you a better idea of when machine is more likely to payout.