Flashback to the past with a party theme that allows partiers to dress up in vintage clothes, enjoy the lifestyle of a past generation and feel the excitement of past eras. A flashback party theme is a great way to bring back old fashions, classic songs and the different dances from the different time periods.

The ’20s

The 1920s was an era of changing fashions, elegant parties and new money families. The rich era resulted in dresses that were scandalous and dancing that shocked older generations of the time period. Planning a party around the ’20s can provide an atmosphere that is elegant, entertaining and full of fun styles.

According to Confetti.co.uk, a ’20s party allows partiers to wear flapper dresses and tuxedos. The dresses should include the classic flapper fringe and partiers can carry around fake cigarettes to complete the look. Although the era was a time of change, the party will naturally have an elegant feel with cocktails for drinks and slightly formal refreshment ideas.

Games and entertainment for the party should include options like bingo online on Jackpotjoy, poker and trivia. It can also include dancing to the Charleston and bringing in classic music from the time period. The party will inevitably gain the vibrant energy of “The Great Gatsby” and similar popular tales of the time.

The ’80s

The 1980s was a time when dancing, partying and fun styles were a part of life. Planning a party around the fun fashion era allows partiers to break out the spandex neon pants and big hair styles for a night of fun, dancing and playing party games like spin-the-bottle.

Music and refreshments should focus on the theme. According to SNMag.com, music can include TV and movie theme songs. Along with the theme songs, the party can play popular music from the early and mid-’80s. Refreshments can include favorite snacks, drinks that were popular in the ’80s and creations that relate to popular movies of the era.

The theme allows adding entertainment related to the time period. Putting on movies from the ’80s, like “Flashdance,” “Fright Night” and “The Karate Kid.” The movies can also provide inspiration for costumes and decorations when the theme seems too limited.

The ’70s

The 1970s was a time of fun music, disco dancing and bell-bottom pants. A flashback to the ’70s party can invite partiers to dress up in their favorite disco outfit, bell-bottoms and hippie hair styles. The party should focus on the disco music and styles to get the best results.

According to Confetti.co.uk, the party should use decorations that were common during the ’70s. Options for decorating include a disco ball and lava lamps. Adding some tie-dye elements to the decorations can help bring out the mood or focusing solely on the party environment of the classic disco will offer inspiration for the decorative features.

Entertainment during the party can include a disco dance faceoff, best costume competitions and playing movies from the ’70s in the background. Great movies to play during the party include “Jaws,” “Star Wars” and “Saturday Night Fever.” Trivia games related to historical events, popular music and movies of the time period can also provide an entertaining game for the party.

Using a theme that focuses on an era of history can make a party interesting. From the elegant party of the 1920s to the dancing fever theme of the 1970s, the flashback idea offers costumes, music, decorations and entertainment ideas that will make the event a success.