What gets you excited while playing bingo and other online games? The first thing should be the joy of playing the games. You can have fun playing games without ever winning, but we all know the real excitement is that underlying thrill of possibility. When you know you might win a jackpot at any moment, it keeps you on the edge of your chair excited to play. Jackpotjoy Bingo knows how to turn up that excitement progressively until your heart is pounding with excitement.

Jackpotjoy cranks up the fun by offering many of their games with progressive jackpots. This means that instead of traditional flat rate payouts the jackpots just keep getting bigger and bigger until someone wins. How big can these jackpots get? If you watch the sideboard on Jackpotjoy, you will notice some of the games have jackpots that are over £100,000. There are times the jackpot of the 1-penny Friendzy game has climbed well over £40,000. Imagine getting the chance to win a huge jackpot with such a tiny investment.

The real excitement is from the tension those high jackpots bring to the table. You know the odds are you will win smaller jackpots from the games, but seeing that big jackpot keeps the excitement high, which is why you play. One of the best ways to have fun at Jackpotjoy Bingo is to enjoy the games you love the most, and then occasionally play one of these higher payout games for a little added excitement.

Watch the chat room as you play and watch all the joking and storytelling about what everyone will do when they win that huge jackpot. They know it may never happen, but the fun of joking with friends while the play increases the fun everyone has. As you explore Online Bingo, take a little extra time to explore the games with progressive jackpots. They add a little more excitement to the games you love. Can you imagine how your palms will sweat as you watch your bingo card filling up when there is a big jackpot on the line. That is the real fun of the game, the passion to play.